Kids Style – Kids’ Clothing Market Changed A Lot in 2016

2016 was a big year for the kids’ apparel market in many ways. Not only did parents get a lot to choose from, but also the quality of these wears saw a significant improvement. To that, buyers started prioritizing the style value of these little outfits more than ever. All these, combined, kept the manufacturers busy throughout the year; and so were busy the clothing retailers, some of who found themselves clueless with all the changing trends, while others, smart enough, managed to make the most of market shift with custom wholesale.

Denim and flannel shirts for kids made the most noise in 2016
Many varieties of kids’ wears wowed the customers this past 12 months; of course, there were quite a few who failed to hit the right chords. However, there were selected few who made the most noise, with millions of parents across the world rallying behind them. Denim and flannel shirts for kids were the top headliners.

Flannel shirts, in particular, were hailed the most, with top manufacturers and distributors offering them in plenty of designer, custom and fancy varieties that, away from clich├ęs like red-black and blue-black combo, grabbed everyone’s attention rather easily.

Knitwears, still trending, were another kids’ staple that did well in the market in terms of sales, followed by causal graphic-rich t-shirts, floral print trousers, denim wears, and even formal shirts.

Top manufacturers delivered the finest of quality
Aside the designer appeal of denim, sublimation, flannel baby clothes, and more, it their quality that stood out on the sheet. Top manufacturers, ensuring maximum comfort to the little ones, made use of far better fabric material. Tech-advanced and highlighting active wicking and ventilation properties, the fabric stretch, wicks, breathe, and vouch to last longer. They are well adept to render kids with coziest of fitting, whether on summer days or chilly winter nights.

A lot for the retailers to bank on
Admittedly, the market is too competitive and the customers are more demanding than ever. However, there are still lot clothing retailers can do to bank on the latest kids’ apparel trends optimally. Many renowned manufacturers these days offer a wide and easy customization option to the bulk buyers. Knowing what’s trending in the market and what kind of varieties are parents looking for their little ones, retailers can make the right purchasing decision.

However, in general, on what the market pundits have predicted, baby flannel clothes and grown-kids are going to a big hit in 2017.

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