Men’s Fashion – Best of Trending Styles in Men’s Eyewear for 2017

No matter how much you love contact lenses, eyeglasses are better as far as comfort and feel are concerned. You don’t need to bother about the wear time, and there are endless styles for different preferences. In this post, we will guide you through the trending frame styles for men, and in between, we also have a few tips for your shopping needs.

Tortoise Shell Prints

Shell prints have been trending for a while now, and this is an excellent choice for men who are not fond of block colored frames. Many of the leading brands have other animal-print inspired designs, as well, so there are plenty of ideas. As for the shape, you can go for something casual in the rectangular designs, or else, just pick up an edgy wayfarer!

Transparent Frames

Well, if you love wearing eyeglasses that almost feel like second skin, this is the trend for you. Initially, women experimented more with the clear and transparent frames, but the trend is catching up with men, as well. You can go for a pair of lightly tinted but clear frames with matching lenses, or just play it smooth with an entirely transparent design – The choice is yours.

Completely Black

Black frames have a very nerdy look, which works perfectly for men who spend nine hours or more at work. Not everyone is fond of trendy eyeglasses, and simplicity is your thing, a nice pair of black eyeglasses in a frame shape of your choice is a sound investment. Also, this style never really goes out of vogue, and one can experiment with endless forms, including wayfarers and round frames.

Metallic Wire Frames

Gold and silver frames always look classy and edgy at the same time, and you will love the new-age designs that almost feel like metallic wire. These are thin frames that have a nice metallic finish, and the look is incredibly easy and efficient, depending on what kind of shape you pick. For men who don’t love the idea of wearing bulky glasses, this is something that should work without losing the drama.

Purple is Here

For a while, blue ruled the color palette in men’s eyewear, but thankfully, we have now switched to purple. The color itself is flattering, and you can try both semi-transparent and opaque frames in a wide number of shapes. Red is also one of the favorite colors in eyeglasses, but most men might not find it masculine enough, at least for daily wear. Surely with purple, you are safe and ready to go.

Love My Nudes

Well, nude eyeglass frames for men look fun and really formal, and for men who have a thing for more appealing colors that don’t look over the top, this is surely a trend worth trying. You can find varied options, depending on the kind of style you like, but go for tan and brown shades, which are usually safer and available in most stores.

Smart Tips When Buying Women’s Robes

With robes, you can keep yourself warm and snug during the day. If you have been looking for robes for women, we suggest that you check out this guide. This guide talks about different types of robes, materials they are made of and their sizes. Read on to know more.

Types of robes

Based on your needs and activities, you can go for the right type of robes. Given below is a description of different types:

Bathrobe: typically, bathrobes are knee-length and are made from high quality absorbent fabric. These robes are worn after a bath, shower, or before you get dressed.

Spa robes: usually, spa robes are roomy, white and long. Therefore, they are an ideal choice for you, especially when you want to unwind. Typically, they are made from a type of fabric that is warm and comfortable. Aside from this, they feature a zip or belt at the front. For added comfort, you can also go for a hooded robe.

Lingerie robes: if you put on lingerie, we suggest that you go for lingerie robes. What are they made of? Typically, they are made of silk, sheer fabric or lace. Often, they have bright colors and match your undergarments.

Kimono robes: actually, kimono robes are Japanese-style gown and they are made from high quality patterned silk.


Now, let’s talk about the materials they are made from. Common materials include cashmere, silk, microfiber and cotton, just to name a few. Let’s discuss each material one by one.

Cotton: As you know, cotton is a common but versatile fabric. You can find it many forms, such as the terry robe. As far as water absorption goes, terry robes and waffle cotton robes both are a great choice. Cotton velour robes are warm, velvety, and soft. They are an ideal choice as far as relaxation goes.

Microfiber: actually, Microfiber is soft, absorbent, breathable and fine. Purchasing a microfiber robe is an ideal choice if you have been looking for a soft robe for spa or lounging days.

Satin or silk: if you want easy living, we suggest that you put on a satin or silk robe. Moreover, they are lightweight and allow you to move around without any problem.

Cashmere: keep in mind that cashmere robes are soft and offer a lot of warmth. In cold seasons, cashmere is an ideal choice as far as comfort and warmth is concerned.


While many robes are marked as one size fits all, you may want to look for a size that fits you properly. It’s a good idea to put on the suit at the store to see if you really like it. A size that doesn’t fit you will be of no use to you.

Long story short, if you have been trying to purchase a new robe, we suggest that you choose your favorite fabric. Moreover, you may want to consider some special features, such as hood, belt or lace. Before you buy one, make sure the robe fits you well and offers comfort.

Men’s Fashion – Made to Measure Men’s Dress Shirts

Men’s dress shirts

Dress shirts for men on early days made from tailor shop. The customer buys his own fabric from the department store. May go straight to tailor shop. The staff will guide choosing desired fabric from their collection. Tailor staff will take your personal measurement. This project will take days or even week to complete the dress shirt. This method called made to measure.

Made to measure

This practice, men may go to the tailor shop with or without his own fabric. The tailoring staff will measure clients body point of measurement. This includes body length, sleeve length from shoulder or center back, cuff circumference, shoulder width, armhole circumference, bust, waist, hips and neck circumference. Those are basic measurements of men’s shirts to perform.

Dress shirts add-on accessories

If the clients bring his own fabric, the add-on is the tailoring shop responsibility. These add-ons include inter-lining for a collar, collar band, front button placket, pocket flap. If you need fabric combination of your dress shirt may recommend tailor staff to add a fabric combo. The most popular part that uses the combination of men’s shirt is back yoke, cuff, collar, front placket, and front pocket flap. Buttons, thread, and collarbone are standard accessories for shirts.

Styling and fitting

Clients can choose any style from their catalog, or clients suggest he prefer. Tailor shop does not give exact sizing. They use your personal measurement to make. Staff will ask your fittings either fitted, regular fit, or loose fit. Personal appointment for fitting requires if first time to try their services. When fitting okay for you, your next order will become comfortable as they know now your body fitting. Changes this time involve body length, design, fabric to use during your next order.

Understand the fabric care instructions

Another collective failure for getting outstanding suitable shirts as people does not know the garment contents. Male’s shirts designed from a range of content and various materials respond to being washed and dry with a different result. If you wish to make confident that your shirts continue to stay its form after washing, make sure you follow wash care instructions. These will describe to you how your apparel becomes smaller or bigger. You must check whether they need to use a dry clean only. It’s more frustrating having outfit fit perfect after it washed, the first time never uses again after the incident.

Dress shirts for men front button placket opening always left, over right. Reversing this order becomes women shirt. Tailoring processes required timetable to finish. If you are in a hurry to have your new dress shirt available. The online options is a convenience to every man.

All You Need To Know About – Lace Up Knee High Boots

Boots are a standard foot wear for both men and women. In fact, in every woman’s wardrobe, there is that knee high boot for those times she wants to feel all girly and bold. They are an all season foot wear and could be worn with most dresses such as short or mini skirts, or with a pair of denim pants. Boots are also a classy wear for all ladies, tall, medium or short For the more stylish version of these boots; we have the lace up knee high boots; they come with laces that are as long as the boots, which goes somewhere above the knee or just above the calf.

Boots are worn for all occasions like ladies can wear them to the office, where they can match them with a suede pencil shaped skirt or a pair of jeans pants. They can also be an excellent weekend wear when dressing together with those skinny tights or leggings that are tacked inside and matched with a beautiful top. The laces up ones offer ease while removing and one tends to feel more comfortable in hot weathers.

Boots are of different types depending on the material used to make them:

The most common are the leather made; these can be of entire pure leather and are more durable and presentable. They come in various colors such as black, brown, dark turn or any other; they require proper maintenance like being kept dry and regular polishing with leather polish.

We have the suede ones, are also made from a synthetic material, and they can also last a bit longer. Suede cleaning des and detergents are used in the proper maintenance of these boots.

Other boots are made of synthetic rubber such as the PVC; they are not as durable as their counterparts. They are cheap and easy to maintain.

With the current trend, we have seen boots made from a fabric material, such as jeans. At times cloth material has been added to either leather or suede boots to make them warm for winter seasons. These boots require regular cleaning to get rid of sweat and bad odors.

The lace up knee boots, can either have the laces in front, or on the side or at the back. They can also be heeled or flat to fit any woman’s preference. The heeled ones vary in the length of the hill, but they are widely comfortable to wear compared to other types of shoes.

The Information – Skull Rings

Various ornamental jewelry is worn across the world, but the most common of them all, worn by both genders are rings. Finger rings are worn on different fingers on either hand to pass a particular message or to signify something, like family ties or social status, or marital status. In ancient times, Kings and Kinsmen had distinct rings that showed their ranks and authority.

A ring can be accessorized with an additional symbol to add more significance to the message being passed. A common symbolic accessory added to a ring is a skull. This goes back to the ancient times where skulls have been associated with danger like death, a reason why this symbol is commonly seen on many gang logos. However, this symbolic skull has been associated with cults and orthodox doctrines like Goth.

This trend, however, has widely been spread across all generations with the millennial falling for this as a trendy fashion. One of the primary reasons more men prefer skull symbols is because they act as a way of expressing masculinity and fierceness. The other reason is the thrill one gets by adorning such a symbol on their hands just like those tattoos they are getting imprinted on them. Jewelry manufacturers have embraced the incorporation of the skull in the rings, and therefore classy golden and silver skull rings are very fashionable.

Tips to consider when ordering a ring.

· The message you want to send out, as we have seen skull has a symbolic meaning, so, whenever you are ordering for this ring if it does not jeopardize or interfere with its actual intention, then you are ready to go.

· The type of metal used to make the ring. Many men would prefer either gold or silver rings, it is, therefore, best to note whether the metal accentuates your skin tone and does not elicit any allergic reaction.

· The purpose of the ring; there are many reasons as to why men will wear a ring. As discussed above, family or fraternal rings should correlate with those worn for that purpose. The army or the championship rings as well should be indicative of that.

A ring is a very great jewelry and has been very fashionable since the ancient days. It is therefore advisable for any man who wishes to wear it to be confident, be bold and always wear it right. They say that if you love it, put a ring on it.